Starters have been instructed to:

  • Make sure every golfer has proper receipts
  • Verify that every golfer has a golf bag and follows dress code
  • Allow tee offs every 8-9 minutes
  • Record actual tee time on your scorecard
  • Explain course and power cart rules
  • Raise awareness about pace of play
  • Advise of daily on-going maintenance

Course Marshals have been instructed to:

  • Politely explain course and power cart rules
  • Assure pace of play
  • Ride backwards from 18th to 1st hole



Pace of Play

  • Ensure that early birds play 18 holes in less than 4h30 min.
  • Following groups will be asked to play an average of 15 min. per hole (18 holes X 15 min = 4 hours and 30 min)
  • First Slow Play Violation-the group will be asked to catch up to the group ahead
  • Second Slow Play Violation-the group will be asked to pick up their balls and catch up within one stroke of the group ahead. Then they may resume play.
  • Third Slow Play Violation-the group may be asked to leave the course. NO REFUND

Power Cart

  • Ensure that power cart restrictions are obeyed
  • After second warning, golfer will loose power cart privilege. NO REFUND
  • Credit is required to rent a power cart
  • Must be 16 years of age of higher to drive power cart

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