Pace of play

Its been known for years SLOW PLAY throws people off their game and detracts from the enjoyment of golfing. When golfers fall behind, the course backs up, tee-off times are delayed and golfers become impatient. Letting groups through doesn't solve the problem of slow play. Additional delay happens while groups are being let through and the remaining groups are still held up. The solution to slow play is for groups to FOLLOW THE LEADING GROUP of players ahead of their own. Then, there are few delays and all the golfers benefit.

A round of golf should take no longer than 4 hours and 30 minutes to play. An average of 15 minutes per hole is considered standard pace for any par 72 golf course. Some golfers feel that this pace is too fast, but keep in mind, slow play is not caused by bad shots or difficult greens. Rather, slow play is the result of bad habits that can be corrected.

A Few Simple Playing Techniques

On tees and fairways:

  • Avoid taking to many practice swings
  • While your partners are playing, prepare your next shot; choose a club
  • Follow local rules, many are designed to accelerate your game

When riding:

  • Look for your ball while the driver is playing his shot
  • Avoid going back and forth on the fairway
  • Always park your cart on the path leading to the following hole

Around and on greens:

  • Bring your putter and the appropriate chipping club
  • Leave your pull cart on the path leading to the following hole
  • Bring a spare ball in case yours is not found
  • It's important to concentrate on greens, 4 golfers sparing one putt each could result in 2-3 saved minute per hole, approximately 45 min per round

Most important rule of all, remember that it's just a game. Keep your cool. Your partners as well as yourself will enjoy the game even more!

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