Nation Open

Nation Golf Course would like to thank every golfer and Sponsor that helped make The Nation Open (Marc Pilon Day) a success once again this year. A special thanks goes out to the organizer of the event Richard Pilon. Nation Golf Course prides its self in helping others, and as one of the sponsors for this event we send out our thanks to the Pilon Family for including us in this event. The event raised $22,000 for The Marc Pilon Foundation in 2014 for an accumulated total of $248,500 in 15 years. Thank you to every golfer who helped us in this great cause. 

The 2015 tournament will take place on Friday, May 29th. If you would like to participate in this event, send your name and phone number to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Past Winners of the Daniel Blanchette "Cup of Champions"

Charles Boyer, 74
Ladies: Liz McCourt, 77
Seniors: François Laflèche, 85

Charles Boyer, 74
Ladies: Louise Lafleche, 93
Seniors: Pierre Viau, 82

Jocelyn Gadoua, 78
Ladies: Liz McCourt, 84
Seniors: Jacques Pelletier, 87

Roger Grennon, 79
Ladies: Liz McCourt, 83
Seniors: Gilles Pilon, 87

Charles Boyer, 75
Ladies: Liz McCourt, 77
Seniors: Gerry Cote, 80

Fabien Pilon, 77
Ladies: Liz McCourt, 82
Seniors: Andre St-Onge, 77

Nation open Winners

Champion's Cup
Daniel Blanchette

Nation Open Trophy

Best Scores 2014

Men: Roger Grenon, 78
Ladies: Liz McCourt, 80
Seniors: Paul Dubreuil, 88

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